Acupuncture Meridian System
(14 CEUs)





Acupuncture Meridian System (AMS)

Formerly known as iAcupuncture


Treatment of pain is often based on Meridian Differentiation compared to the treatment of internal disorders based on Zang-Fu Syndrome Differentiation.  Meridian based Acupuncture integrates Wang Ju Yis applied channel theory in Chinese Medicine (China), Tung Style Acupuncture (Taiwan), Richard Tans Balance Method (US) and Japanese Acupuncture (Japan) systems.  This workshop summarizes how these famous Acupuncture masters have applied these ancient Meridian systems to produce effective results in the treatment of pain. 


Richard Kwan's innovative style of Acupuncture teaches the importance of palpation and intention to create effective and miraculous results even with a few needles.  Workshop includes lecture and treatment demonstration to enhance learning experience and empower practitioners with a variety of tools and insights to give simple yet profound treatments.


"It is rare to find an acupuncture mentor who not only achieves remarkable clinical results before your eyes, but who shares his immense knowledge with clarity, passion and kindness. I have had the privilege of studying under Richard Kwan both in the classroom, and in his actual clinical practice. He absorbs, integrates, and applies the wisdom of various acupuncture masters, blending the best of their approaches into his own unique style. The astounding effectiveness of his diagnosis, palpation, and needling must be seen to be believed. Richard is an incredible healer and teacher."  Pauline Hwang, GEN-R.Ac                                      



Richard Kwan is an experienced practitioner of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Chinese Nutritional therapy, and Tuina massage.  His practice integrates systems of Chinese medicine including Chinese, Japanese, Five Elements, Alchemy, Zhu, Tung and Tan Style Acupuncture.  Upon graduation from the Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, he started Simple Cures a Chinese Medicine centre and has been in private practice in Vaughan and The Beaches. He is currently the Director of the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture program and lectures at the Shiatsu School of Canada Acupuncture Institute. 


Richard is also very passionate about working with the disadvantaged and volunteers extensively at Evergreen Centre for Street Youth and People with Aids. In addition, he has a strong commitment to Tai Chi and Qi Gong which he has practiced for over 15 years. He teaches Tai Chi at the downtown YMCA for promoting health and preventing diseases. Richard believes that a simple lifestyle promotes better health and he strives to empower his patients to become more proactive with their own health.


Course Details:


Dates: February 25 - 26, 2017 (Saturday & Sunday) 

Time: 10:00am - 6:30pm

Location:Shiatsu School of Canada & SSC Acupuncture Institute
455 Spadina Ave., Suite 300 (NE corner of Spadina & College)

PRICE: $300


Registration: Please call 416-323-1818 ext 200 to register for this course. Payment can be made by Visa or MasterCard or in person using cash or Interac. Registrations are taken on a first come, first serve basis. Register early to avoid disappointment.   

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations on or before two weeks prior to the course start date
will result in a $35 cancellation fee. Cancellations after that date will not receive a refund.